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And if sportswear was involved, that figure jumped to 87 percent. The idea that customers are more likely to make repeat purchases than anything else could seem surprising during a time that’s seen journalism repeatedly raise concerns about fast fashion , the Confessions of a Shopaholic series, and exposés like Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion . In that book, one shopper confessed, “I have enough clothing to open a store.” But if most Americans really are shopping responsibly, it could be related to the research suggesting that millennials in particular would rather spend money on experiences than on stuff . The prevalence of sensible shopping isn’t the only surprise Tuttle and Sporn found. Their study also challenged perceptions about online shopping versus brick-and-mortar consumption. “It is apparent that people are still shopping at stores,” Tuttle said. “Seventy-nine percent of people are still going to a store. Some of those people are going online first, but ‘retail apocalypse’ is not the term we’re at yet.” “79 percent of people are still going to a store” But the term is everywhere, from the Atlantic to Business Insider to, yes, Racked . Tuttle acknowledges that retail is hurting but said that’s not because Americans have abandoned brick-and-mortar for online merchants.

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