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Boris Johnson spoke of carrots, spam, V-signs, stage parties & plague of boils but “not one mention of N Ireland" @jeremycorbyn @theresa_may ends with: "Normally he stands up and asks me to sign a blank cheque, I know he likes Czechs but really that is terribly depressing" #pmqs — BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) February 21, 2018 The SNP's leader at Westminster Iain Blackford asked what discussions the government was having with the UN about address the "relentless" bombing in the Syrian rebel enclave of the Eastern Ghouta. He got an unusually detailed response from Mrs May, who said the UK government was "appalled" by the escalation of airstrikes in the region. She said the UK calls on Syria and its backers to "cease this campaign of violence" and allow humanitarian access. The PM is asked what discussions the UK government is having with the UN about the bombing in the Syrian rebel enclave of the Eastern Ghouta by @IanBlackfordMP who says the "bombing is relentless" #pmqs — BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) February 21, 2018 Conservative Chris Green brought up blue passports - and the fact that two of the three firms bidding to make the new, post-Brexit travel documents are French. The Bolton West MP urged the PM to ensure the British bidder, which happens to be based in his constituency, wins the contract. Theresa May pledged a "fair and open competition" to design the new passports, which the government announced late last year. What is the government doing to make “our new, blue passports truly British" the PM is asked by Chris Green MP whose seat includes one of the three firms bidding to produce the new documents #pmqs — BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) February 21, 2018 Labour's Angela Smith raised the case of her constituent Claire agree with Throssell, whose two sons were killed in an arson attack committed by their father. She wanted to know when the promised Domestic Violence Bill is going to be published and if it will be as "comprehensive as promised". Theresa May expressed her sympathy to Claire Throssell and said the Home Office was carrying out a consultation on the Bill. “Will it be as comprehensive as she promised when she announced the intention to legislate?” asks @angelasmithmp about the Domestic Violence Bill, raising the case of two sons killed by their father #pmqs — BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) February 21, 2018 "Unusual for Mr Corbyn to go on Brexit?" @afneil "He normally avoids it" @bbclaurak "It's not one of the things that really gets him up in the morning" #PMQs — BBC Daily Politics and Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) February 21, 2018 Here is BBC's Parliamentary Correspondent Mark's D'Arcy's take: Well, well… a big, if not very informative Brexit exchange between the two main protagonists at PMQs. Jeremy Corbyn mined a rich seam of quotes from ministers, producing laughs from his backbenchers, but nothing new from the prime minister.

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