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The Radical Economist Guy Standing Is A Leading Campaigner For Ubi And Co-founded The Basic Income Earth Network (bien).

It has not yet been announced what level the basic income will be set at, but the councils are to proceed with the pilots, subject to sufficient funding being secured. Under UBI, welfare benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance, working tax credits and state pensions, are replaced by a single, unconditional flat-rate payment, regardless of whether the recipient is in work. Any money earned above this is subject to taxation. Jamie Cooke, head of think tank the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) in Scotland which carried out research into the scheme, attended a meeting with Fife Council about the idea, which is said to have received enthusiastic support. Mr Cooke said afterwards: This is a significant step forward for basic income in Scotland, giving a very realistic chance of a pilot taking place in Scotland within the next couple of years. On the question of where the money should come from, Mr Cooke said: It could be funding from particular trusts, it could be individual philanthropic funding, or it could be a redirection of the existing welfare state spend. Glasgow is the most deprived local authority area in Scotland, with a third of all children in the city said to be living in poverty. Fife has been identified as having high levels of hidden or in-work poverty, with research by the TUC revealing more than 34 per cent of workers in the north-east of Fife earn less than the living wage. The radical economist Guy affordable flights to los angeles from denver Standing is a leading campaigner for UBI and co-founded the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). Professor Standing, who published the book The Precariat: The new dangerous class in 2011, believes we must free ourselves of the notion that everyone has to work for a living, as technological advances will make many jobs redundant. He predicted that stagnating living standards and increasing job insecurity would lead to the rise of right-wing populism.

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Speaking in Melbourne at the launch of Alibaba's Australia and New Zealand headquarters, he said: "Everybody is concerned about trade wars. If trade stops, war starts." "But worry doesn't solve the problem," he added, Business Insider Australia reports. "The only thing you can do is get involved and actively prove that trade helps people to communicate. "We should have fair, transparent and inclusive trade." Provided by Independent Print Limited donald-trump-tpp-sign.jpg Speaking a month after meeting Mr Trump, he said the world was in an "interesting" period requiring new leadership. Mr Trump's first executive order withdrew the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a deal among 11 Pacific Rim countries, which include Australia and New Zealand. He had described the TPP as "a potential disaster for our country". In its place, he said he would "negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back". Mr Ma cheap flights to miami from kelowna said his company believes "globalisation is the future". The world needs globalisation, it needs to trade," he said.

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